A world where all seriously ill patients receive the right care at the right time and the right place


We will build sustainable programs by utilizing meaningful technologies, uncomplicating processes, and providing hands-on training.

Mark Hendrix


Mark Hendrix is the founder and CEO of nTakt, Inc, a healthcare company focused on elevating the experiences of seriously ill patients by simplifying care. With Medicare expertise and over a decade of experience in the industry, Mark is a champion of enhancing person-centered care through streamlined
processes, meaningful technology, and hands-on training.

From 2014 to 2018, Mark was the Director of Palliative Care Operations for Four Seasons Compassion for Life. He led a team of healthcare professionals to develop standardized processes, improve patient outcomes, and create alternative reimbursement models for palliative care to meet CMMI palliative care grant requirements.

After staffing the model with Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers, Chaplains, and an entire administrative team, the team enrolled and monitored quality and cost data on over 5500 patients during the 3-year grant period. LEAN concepts, such as value stream mapping, were used to optimize processes, reduce patient wait time, and provide the proper care at the right time and place. The team used risk stratification techniques to plan patient care, utilized new billing codes to improve profitability, implemented telehealth to provide care to under-served patients in rural areas, and integrated these new processes into an EMR.

Mark co-authored several publications featured in the peer-reviewed Journal of Palliative Medicine that showcased the team’s findings and strategies, including:

  • “Standardization and Scaling of a Community-Based Palliative Care Model”
  • “Tracking Patients in Community Based Palliative Care through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Healthcare Innovation Project”

The team’s work proved that palliative care could be financially sustainable and presented a strategy for providers and family members to coordinate high-quality, home-based care for seriously ill patients. Since the CMMI grant, Mark has leveraged his findings to help hospitals, hospice agencies, and payors improve patient care and profitability by implementing these strategies. He has successfully deployed financially sustainable palliative care programs in multiple settings and coached existing programs to become both economically viable and person-centered.

Mark’s expertise and track record have made him a sought-after consultant in the healthcare industry. He has a knack for uncomplicating healthcare and takes pride in helping his clients build successful programs that improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

Message From The President...

The palliative care game has changed. Several significant events are positively reshaping the palliative care landscape. Recently, Medicare added additional billing codes and alternative payment models, allowing providers to bill many essential palliative care services. To meet the need for this expanding market, technology leaders are rapidly developing telehealth and patient monitoring systems that enable providers to monitor patient acuity remotely.  When combined with efficient and simplified processes, palliative care can be a financially sustainable service to patients and their families.

The leaders that shape the future of palliative care will be the ones who utilize the most current tools, technology, and processes to their maximum potential. For those leaders willing to accept the challenge, nTakt will guide you through the steps to achieve a sustainable palliative care program.

The time is now for palliative care. Let’s take the journey together.

Mark Hendrix
President and Founder