Turn-Key Palliative Care

nTakt Uncomplicates It.

We Provide

  • Referral and Intake Process
  • EMR
  • Billing
    • Coding/Billing
    • Credentialing
  • Operations Management
  • Reporting/KPI
  • Dashboards

Agency Provides

  • NP
  • RN
  • Marketing

Pricing Strategy and Approach

“Palliative Care Fly-Over”
Turn-Key Palliative Care
Multiple Pricing Options

Palliative Care EMR

  • Provider-Friendly 
  • Mobile documentation with Off-Line Capability
  • Visit Documentation with screening tools, PPS, ESAS, and Plan of Care
  • Referral Tracking Board
  • Caseload Management Tools
  • Provider Scheduling or Central Scheduling Capability
  • e-Prescribe with PDMP
  • Caseload management tools
  • KPI/Metrics and Dashboards
    • Hospice to Palliative Conversion Tracking 
  • Virtual Intake Process (Optional) 
  • Visit Reminder (Optional)

Billing Services

  • Billing
  • Clearing House
  • Credentialing
  • Document Review
  • Denial Management
    • Appeals
    • Code Denials
    • ADR follow-up 
    • On-Line and Paper Denials
  • Weekly Billing Journals
    • Transactions Summary
    • Payment Summary
    • Pending Summary
  • Interaction with Providers

Operations Management

Strategic Planning
Weekly/Monthly Dashboards
Operational Goals
Coaching and Mentorship
Weekly and Monthly KPI Analysis
Increase Continuity of Care

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