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How We Build Palliative Care Programs

Don't Start Fires

Build Them

While on a camping trip with my son’s Boy Scout Troup, I suggested to an Eagle Scout that we “start a fire.” He immediately corrected me by saying, “Sir, we don’t start fires; we build fires. We begin with a small piece of lint or dry leaves, and then we add a spark. We nurture the flame by adding what it needs when it needs it. First, we add small limbs, and as the flame grows, we add larger pieces of wood until we have a large hot roaring fire that will last. If we try to build it too fast, it will not last.” Then he added, “you know, life’s a lot like that.” For me, it was a lesson learned.

Building a sustainable business is similar to building a fire. Impatience can be your downfall. You must effectively execute each phase, so the most critical step is the one you’re taking at the moment. You must nurture the flame by adding what it needs when it needs it. 

We don’t start fires; we build fires.

Mark Hendrix
President and Founder, nTakt

Our Services

Startup Your Palliative Care Program

Startups require time and experience.

We develop a customized plan for your organization.

This plan becomes your blueprint for implementing simplified processes focused on building a sustainable program. The result is a financially viable program that provides patients the right care at the right time and in the right place.

Increase Your Palliative Care Billing Revenue

Palliative can be complicated.

nTakt helps you simplify processes and utilize the most current Medicare billing codes.

We provide hands-on training to ensure program consistency. These steps increase revenue while giving providers more time to care for patients. The result is a financially sustainable program that provides exceptional patient care.

Implement Your EMR and Telehealth Systems

Navigating healthcare technology is frustrating.

nTakt develops a technology plan that meets your current and future needs.

The right technology is essential to provider efficiency, medication management, patient monitoring, and billing. We then manage the implementation and deliver hands-on training. The result is meaningful technology that works.

Manage Your Existing Palliative Care Program

Things happen.

nTakt has the right skills to identify opportunities for improvement and support you to the next level.

Whether it’s serving as another set of eyes or actively managing your program through a difficult time, we’re here to help.